Want to own your own salt cave? We will build it for you!

Nature’s Salt Cave is a multi-division company whose services include custom Himalayan Salt Cave Installation for a variety of industries including clinics/massage, hospitals, spas, hotels, private homes, resorts and more.

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Our mission is simple; to help make salt therapy available to everyone! Whether you are an investor, business or private user, let us re-create the ideal Himalayan Salt Cave microclimate. We custom build to accommodate your space and environment. Every Salt Cave we build is unique and catered specifically to your liking.

Day spa’s and resorts have increasingly been installing salt therapy facilities – salt cave’s, rooms & grotto’s – around the world for treatment, relaxation and regeneration. Salt treatment has become an effective low-cost remedy for many illnesses. As importantly, it allows you to escape everyday stresses of your life by enriching your environment, mind, body and soul!

We can build your salt cave in as little as 80-100 square feet of space. We use high quality, natural Himalayan salt in all of our Salt Cave construction projects. We’ll develop the perfect lighting to complement the atmosphere to transform any room into a perfect, private oasis of relaxation and tranquility.

Your family, friends and customers will all benefit from a natural medicine-free treatment for their respiratory and skin problems, while cleansing and sanitizing their airways.

  •    Free on-site consultation available.
  •    Quotes based on your approximate square footage.
  •    Dry salt aerosol generator for your salt room included.
  •    Construction can take as little as 1-2 weeks.
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