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Golden Healer Drum Circle WorkshopSaturday, November 19th @ 5pm

Join Musician, Sound Therapist and Certified Crystal Healer Angela Churchill inside the Salt Cave for this healing and uplifting drum circle workshop.  

Combining the frequencies of Sound, Music and Golden Healer Quartz we will connect all of the 7 major chakras and clear any blockages, bringing forward your Higher Self.

This workshop is for people who want to break free of destructive habits, pull themselves out of stuck energy, and those who want to restore physical and mental well-being.

We will Drum together in this healing drum circle using specific rhythms to entrain your brain into a meditative state bringing you into the present moment and remaining present.  This will calm the nervous system and focus the mind.  With the assistance of the Golden Healer Crystal, this energy will be amplified and directed where the energy needs to go.  We will end our workshop with a group meditation where Angela will invite you to lay down on your yoga mat (not to worry if you don’t have one, you’re welcome to borrow one of ours) , or you may prefer to sit in a chair.

Bring your hand drum, your yoga mat if you have one, and wear comfy clothing, and prepare to have fun and sooth your soul.

Price packages.

Workshop only – $50

Workshop and Crystal Gift Set – $60

Workshop and Crystal Gift Set and Frame Drum (limited quantity) – $150

Nature’s Salt Cave (inside the Cave!)

Call 519-767-0990 or email to hold your spot

Tickets paid in advance / LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE 

Chakra & Energy Healing WorkshopSaturday, November 26th @ 5pm in the Salt Cave!

You will learn:

  • What are chakras/energy & how they affect us
  • How to heal your chakras and aura to attract love, money, confidence, inner peace and more!
  • How to know if your chakras are blocked/imbalanced (including physical and emotional symptoms)
  • Relaxing guided meditation at the end to connect with your chakras

You will leave with practical tips to heal your energy, increasing your ability to manifest your dreams, carry yourself with confidence & self-respect, and connect with yourself and others though unconditional love!

This workshop is perfect for beginners & will blend spirituality and practicality. The first workshop sold out quickly, so we brought it back a second time!

Hosted by: Marisa Yovanovski, Certified Reiki Practitioner, Self-Love & Empowerment Spiritual Life Coach, Meditation Guide, B.A. Honours Degree Psychology, Neuroscience & Family/Child Studies

Tickets: $50 paid in advance / LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE — Bring a friend or make a friend!

Please call 519-767-0990 or email Nature’s Salt Cave for registration


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  • 30min Head massage in Salt Cave + 45min Sauna+ Pedi -$155
  • 60min StressAway treatment in Salt Cave (with mud application) + 45min Sauna session –  $175
  • 60min Hydrating Facial in Salt Cave + Pedi– $220
  • Purchase 7 x 50min Salt Cave Inhalation Sessions + 3 FREE!
  • 50min Salt Cave inhalation+45 min Sauna Session+ 25min Vibroacoustic Therapy – $90
  • 60 min Reiki session in Salt Cave + Biofield scanning (GDV) – $190
  • 45min Sauna session+60min Relaxing massage in Salt cave+60min Hydrating Facial in Salt Cave + Mani +Pedi -$400

For Couples:

  • 60min AromaCalming massage in Salt Cave (with essential oils) + 45min Sauna session – $350
  • 45min Sauna session+50min Salt Cave inhalation – $130
  • 60min StressAway treatment (with mud application) +60min Hydrating Facial in Salt Cave in Salt Cave – $600

NEW! 60 min RMT massage including Cupping therapy — Cupping improves circulation, loosens the fascia/connective tissue, breaks down scar tissue and adhesions, and stimulates the body’s healing process! You’ll have “cup kisses” for a few weeks and you will feel rejuvenated! Cupping, along with massages an amazing combo! Both help with relaxation, increasing blood flow and range of motion! Salt Room – $160 / Salt Cave – $175

NEW!: 60min Hydrating facial – Wipe stress from your face! (Includes face, neck, head, and shoulder massage!) –Salt Room – $160 / Salt Cave – $175


  • We have plenty of new items available in our gift shop for you to choose from including new crystals, handmade crystal jewelry (some are Reiki-infused!), Himalayan salt lamps, paintings, gift bundles and more! You do not need an appointment to stop by the gift shop, although you are always welcome to book one!
  • All Amber crystal paintings are now 50% OFF!
  • GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE in store or you can order by email!

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