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I AM THE WOMAN” – International Women’s Day Workshop:

This workshop is for women who are ready to awaken their inner power, ignite their confidence & connect with who YOU are as a woman (apart from being a mother, partner, leader, caretaker, etc.)! This will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with other women and feel supported in a safe, calming environment.

This workshop will include:

Share circle / Discussion: Together we will uncover what being a woman means to us, how to start prioritizing ourselves (creating better habits for self care), and uncover our true potential, awakening a sense of empowerment and discovering who we are apart from the labels!

Journal Exercise: We will go through prompts that will help you tap into your feelings and receive insights from the deeper parts of yourself. You may also choose to bring a forgiveness/manifestation letter to place under our Reiki-infused crystal grid to amplify the power of your manifestations!

Oracle card readings (optional, but included!)

Guided meditation: to relax, connect with your heart and welcome inner peace and self-empowerment

What to bring: Journal, pen/paper, blanket, pillow and/or yoga mat (optional), a list or letter of all the things you want to let go of and call in. You do not need to share this with the group unless you feel called to do so. Our lists/letters will be placed under the crystal grid (optional) and disposed of with care following the workshop. We recommend wearing comfortable clothes as we will be sitting.

Limited seats available! Bring a friend or make a friend!

Saturday, March 25th @ 5pm (1 hour long)

Nature‚Äôs Salt Cave (inside the Cave!) — $50 Register today to hold your spot!

Hosted by: Marisa Yovanovski, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Guide, Spiritual Life Coach, Workshop Host, B.A. Honours Degree Psychology, Neuroscience, Family/Child Studies

Calm KidsMeditation & Yoga Mindfulness Workshop

60 min in Salt Cave $30

Tuesday April 11th @ 5:30pm

Ages 10 to 17 years old

 Children will learn to concentrate, relax from stress, and meditate to get positive vibes and creativity. This is a guided meditation to help kids calm the sense of being overwhelmed and find peace from within. They will be guided through a relaxation to help them get curious about what they are feeling and will learn nurture themselves with unconditional love and compassion.  Yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind and body. It incorporates breathing exercises. Kids will get to warm up, practice breathing, elasticity and stretchiness.

Hosted by Certified Practitioner Angela Churchill


Happy International Women’s Day!


  • 30 min Head massage in Salt Cave + 50min Mani + 60min Pedi$170
  • 60min Relaxing Massage in Salt Cave + 60min Pedi – $180
  • Buy 6 and get 4 Free! 50min Salt Cave Inhalation Sessions
  • Buy 3 and get 1 Free! 50min Vibro-Acoustic therapy Sessions
  • 45min Sauna + 25min Vibro-Acoustic therapy + 50min Salt Cave inhalation -$100
  • 60min Reiki in Salt Cave + 30min Voice analysis or Biofield scanning – $200
  • 50min Vibro-acoustic therapy + 45min Sauna session – $80

For Couples (2 people – partners, friends, siblings, etc.!):

  • 60min Relaxing Massage in Salt Cave with Aesthetician + 45min Sauna session-$300
  • 30 min Head massage in Salt Cave + 30min Salt Cave inhalation -$200
  • 60min Pedi + 50min Mani + 50min Salt Cave Inhalation-$270

*Prices include both people

NEW! 60 min RMT massage including Cupping therapy — Cupping improves circulation, loosens the fascia/connective tissue, breaks down scar tissue and adhesions, and stimulates the body’s healing process! You’ll have “cup kisses” for a few weeks and you will feel rejuvenated! Cupping, along with massages an amazing combo! Both help with relaxation, increasing blood flow and range of motion! Salt Room – $160 / Salt Cave – $175 / Couple in Salt Cave – $340

NEW!: 60min Hydrating facial – Wipe stress from your face! (Includes face, neck, head, and shoulder massage!) – Salt Room – $160 / Salt Cave – $175 / Couple in Salt Cave – $340


  • We have plenty of new items available in our gift shop for you to choose from including new crystals, handmade crystal jewelry (some are Reiki-infused!), Himalayan salt lamps, paintings, gift bundles, Chakra Cleansing & Balancing tea, essential oils, and more! You do not need an appointment to stop by the gift shop, although you are always welcome to book one!
  • All Amber crystal paintings are now 50% OFF!
  • GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE in store or you can order by phone or email! Physical copies are given in person, scanned copies are emailed to you if purchased over phone/email. You may purchase a service(s) or an open amount for your loved one to use for anything they would like!

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