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What is this Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT)?

There is a good chance you may never have heard about vibroacoustic therapy. By using sound waves and vibrations, vibroacoustic therapy can relax multiple parts of the body. Vibroacoustic therapy was designed 40 years ago by an Estonian physician named Prof. Saima Tamm and can be paired with a multitude of other therapies. After these 40 years of research, vibroacoustic therapy has shown positive results in treating many problems including: Increasing blood circulation, Reducing blood pressure, Reducing stress, Minimizing pain, Promoting serenity, Sensory awareness, Reduce nausea, fatigue, depression and many more…
As you can see, there are a multitude of benefits that vibroacoustic therapy can help with. Vibroacoustic therapy (VAT) has immediate effects as well as some that can appear hours or even days after your therapy session. This is a drug-free, non-invasive way to promote pain and anxiety relief. By doing this you can create a positive environment in which to heal and increase your quality of life.

Instructions: Lie down on the Inner Soul Sound Massage Table and put on the headphones we provide to you. Hydraulic lift enhances body mechanics for massage, energetic body work and sound modalities. In the beginning your body may need to get use to experiencing the sound lounge. As you use the sound lounge and full body vibration, your body and nervous system become more accustomed to it and the same affects you experienced initially may not be perceived the same way. The same effects are still occurring; your body has just been able to acclimate to them. It should be looked at like any other activity, like going to the gym, yoga, taking supplements or practicing a new musical instrument. Volume of the headphones can also make a different on the energetic intensity of the experience. Think of high volume as a flowing river and lower volume as a gentle stream. Depending on the desired outcome of the session and the person experiencing the session, both may be appropriate in the right context. Use this as a general guideline.

Always come back to the breath. If you feel uncomfortable, unfocused, irritated, or like you want to stop in the middle of a session, return to your breath. Breathe deep. Give yourself permission to let go and release, then settle back in. These spaces of comfortability are usually where the magic happens and the biggest areas of transformation occur.

Vibroacoustic Technology is very powerful and deeply penetrating regardless of the music being listened to. Bio-harmonic technologies albums:

Energy Clearing – “Sonic Sage” clearing negative energy from your from your Nervous system and body. Listen if you need mental or physical break, if you are burned out or need a recharge (track 2 or 4).

Cellular Attunement is used to balance a variety of emotional imbalances: 1. Unacknowledged vs Self Validated; 2. Repditive Thinking vs Independent Thinking; 3. Depression vs Inner Peace; 4. Emotionally Disconnected Integrated; 5. Self Critical vs Self Love; 6. Conditional Love vs Unconditional Love; 7. Anger vs Self Acceptance; 8. Fearful Overwhelm vs Accountability; 9. Suppressed Emotional Expression vs Appropriate…; 10. Unworthy Undeserving vs Self Accepting; 11. Rigid Beliefs vs Open to Possibilities; 12. Conflicting Beliefs vs Congruent Beliefs.

Sonic-Ceutical Volume1 Created to help support a variety of physical ailments like: 1. Bone and Tissue Regeneration, 2. Muscle Relaxation, Neurostimulation; 3. Focus Create Imagine; 4. Visceral Healing; 5. Wound Healing Upper Extremities; 6. Wound Healing Lower Extremities; 7. Stem Cell Activation (Universal Phi); 8. Spinal Phi Ascending; 9. Spinal Phi Descending.

Spectrum – This Sonic-ceutical has frequencies that support disorders ot the Autistic spectrum such as ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Sensory Processing Disorders. Whether you suffer from any of the above disorders or not, this program contains frequencies of the Thalamus and has been shown to help with concentration, focus and centering as well as creativity activation. Good for removing mental blocks. People that are familiar with plant medicine journeys most commonly report Plant Medicine – like Responses when experiencing this particular Sonic – ceutical.

Cell Cleanser helps support detoxification, immune system function, and fighting acute or chronic infection of any kind. Cell cleanser acts as a spiritual and physical detox as well. Helps with colds and chronic inflammation.

Transformation – Take the 30 days Transformation Challenge. Set your intentions, journal how you want transform your life or simply ask questions, what would it look like to transform your life? Then let the sonic-ceutical permeate every cell of your body. Transformation is a “fill up” sonic-ceutical in contrast to Energy Clearing which is used to ” empty or clear”.

Abundance is an amplifier and high energy stimulator. It is a 15 minute dance party of full activation. Use Abundance with your own visualization, intentions or imagination to create abundance in any part of your life. CAUTION!!!!!!! Keep your thoughts positive!!

The Journey creates three different experiences; a journey in to the Mind and Consciousness, the physical realm and the journey into outer space: 1. Who am I. Who are you? Use affirmations, intentions and thoughts as you explore the inner realms of consciousness and self-actualization. 2. Escape, this is a journey into the physical dimension. It is a high energy sonic-ceutical and has embedded respiratory frequencies to help with lung disorders and breathing. 3. Space, this is a journey to the deepest depths of outer space. Climb aboard a rocket ship and enjoy a flight to Pluto. This particular sonic-ceutical has actual Nasa recordings of planets embedded within it as well as other frequencies to assist you in having an intergalactic travel experience.