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The Voice Analysis Harmony system is based on the fact that everything in the universe is vibration.  With that in mind, everything about you is carried through the sound of your own voice.  Your voice shows your strengths and weaknesses not only emotionally, but physically and mentally as well.  Over time your voice can become distorted through your life struggles, stresses and anxieties which can cause emotional, physical and mental imbalances. 

Our Voice Analysis Harmony system is based on more than 2 decades of research and development through the Globe Institute in California.  

How the Assessment Works: you speak normally into a microphone and the computer analyzes the notes within your voice as you speak. The words you are speaking are not recorded, only the notes and pitches are recorded.  A healthy person will hit all the notes within the 12 note scale.  A person who is dying would stay only on one note as they speak because they don’t have enough energy to make the other notes.  The software analyzes the sound of your voice to see which notes are missing and which notes are too strong. 

The Treatment:  After your assessment, you will receive recommendation of music you can listen through Vibro Acoustic therapy. It will be files in the key of the two lowest notes.  You will be given instructions based on your assessment and needs, however, in general, the Vibro Acoustic therapy should be daily in the 30 day period of time.  Colour therapy, along with essential oils, crystals, and recommended foods will be suggested for you to work with to help restore your overall balance.

**Please note, this service must be booked over the phone. Please call 519-767-0990